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Choosing Your Next Profile Image Just Got Easier

What is PicFlame? We are a photo ranking software and have changed the game when it comes to people looking to get the most out of their online profiles.


The best part… it’s FREE if you agree to rank other users along the way.


It’s so easy! Login in with your social media profile and start asking other users for the best rankings of your profile pics. Perfect for Tinder, Bumble, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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Feature Your Best Self

Want to know the best part of PicFlame? Your profile pictures are only compared to the others in your personal profile. Why are we this way? Because you are uniquely you.


You will never feel compared to other users. The software even allows other users to pick which of the photos is the best you! This way you know which photos you should or shouldn’t use to feature your best self.


Beyond Profile Pictures

PicFlame isn’t just free for deciding what profile image is best. Want to know what pair of sunglasses you should buy? Or what dress looks best to wear for an upcoming event? Or even what logo you should use for your business? Upload pictures of your options and let others help you decide what looks best!

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